Found the remains of dinosaurs contained living cells


Opponents: it is not organic, and biofilm that has formed as a result of contact with animal bones microorganisms.

About 20 years ago, paleontologist Mary Schweitzer discovered an amazing thing. During the study of dinosaur bone fragments were spotted her red cells that looked like blood. Unbelievable: it organic cells do not survive fossilization tissues. After a series of tests, scientists have noted that the observed formation of blood cells were Tyrannosaurus rex, who died about 67 million years ago.

Also, American anthropologists led by Schweitzer found microparticles blood vessels and fibers pen. According to skeptics found particles is formed biofilm due to the invasion of microorganisms, rather than organic cells.

Even in spite of all the obstacles Schweitzer and her colleagues are conducting further research, continuing to accumulate evidence. Today, they presented the results of the analysis carried out at the molecular level, confirming the presence of osteocytes in fragments Brachylophosaurus canadensis and T. Rex.

Point of cells were exposed to the effects of antibodies, which have focused on protein PHEX. This form of the protein is at most taxa, but it binds to each antibody differently. In our case, the cells responded well as from bird osteocytes. During the other studies, the targeting DNA antibody binding at the cell membrane.

The same researchers found by mass spectrometry amino acid sequence of proteins in the bone fragments, which repeat the sequence tubulin and actin histone present in all animals. According to the researchers found E. coli in soil and sediment samples are in which the remains are not linked with tubulin and actin antibodies from the extract containing osteocytes. But the data confirm the biofilm has not been found.

The research results were published in the scientific journal Bone and were presented at the conference of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, which is held annually.

News prepared by: A. CHirkova

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