Unusual pets become the stars of the Internet


Internet swarmed cats, which can rightly be called one of the main characters of the global network. A variety of photos and funny videos with cats in the lead roles are updated daily and cats - the heroes of the Internet is changing with kaleidoscopic rapidity. On the Internet there are two new trends that have become loud sensation of the last days - the cats who call Tarde and Spangls.

When the first time you see a cat named Tarde, do not dare call him "dear" or "fun" fur seals. Looking at you askance severe cat that unhappy either of the cat’s life, or the presence of a stranger. However, his boss said that, despite the harsh appearance, his cat has a gentle nature and kindness.

Another hero of the last days Spangls cat, born in the U.S. Independence Day July 4, 2009, lives with his owner in South Carolina. The main feature of this cat is its cross-eyed, which is absolutely not spoil it. On the contrary, it makes it so funny that people obhohatyvaetsya looking at this establishment. Hostess Spanglsa notes that the squint does not prevent her cat. Her pet is a very sociable, cheerful and playful. He loves to be photographed, and his mistress puts her cat pictures on the Internet.

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