Near Petersburg "drunk" waxwings not found


Bird watchers, watching while the behavior of the birds living in St. Petersburg and its suburbs, did not find any abnormalities in the behavior of the waxwings who behave inappropriately, according to media reports, because of fermented rowan. This RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday George Sox, Sc.D., Chairman of the St. Petersburg Ornithological Society.

In a number of media before it was reported that Waxwings living in Sestrorezk located on the shores of Finland, after eating fermented rowan, have ceased to stick straight trajectory during flight, crash into obstacles, falling to the ground.

"We are monitoring. It’s fine. Large concentrations of birds typical of the northern shore of the Gulf of Finland. No deviations no, given the fact that they (the waxwings) is a lot more this year. Birds adequately behave - they occasionally flies down for fallen berries "- said Sox.

In the forest, according to ornithologist, all Rowan already eaten birds and now they began to appear in the search for food in populated areas and near roads, where the ash is still preserved. "Once they eat her flesh, they will fly to the south-west," - said the scientist.

Waxwing - a small bird with a distinctive external features such as grayish-pink crest on the head and a black spot on his throat. Waxwings are held usually in large flocks, feeding on berries, shoots of trees and shrubs.

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