A new contender for the title of the smallest dog in the world was in Poland


Tiny Terrier named Macey found the smallest puppy in the world, and his 35-year-old mistress, Anna Paul, working in the beauty salon for pets, dreaming about the title of the smallest dog in the world. At first, she filed papers in the Polish representative of Guinness World Records, her dog to recognize the smallest in the world, however, received the reply that her puppy to grow up yet. This title is awarded only to adult dogs that are older than one year.

Meanwhile, Macy, who recently turned three months, recognized the world’s smallest puppy and promised to return to the main issue, as terrier 12 months old. Now a tiny terrier weighs 250 grams record, only slightly more weight homyaka.Ego height is only 7 inches, length - 12 inches.

Macy’s weight at birth was only 45 grams. The tiny size and weight have caused serious concern to her landlady Mrs. Anna, who was afraid that the puppy will not survive. Now, all the alarms are left behind. Tiny puppy Macy’s zest for life is different, leads an active lifestyle and loves to play with people, and his life is not in danger.

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