Christmas pictures that will melt even the most frozen heart


Photos of cute animals in Santa hats and Christmas decorations cause of emotion even the most cold-blooded man. All of these young animals by serving as models of funny, only 6 weeks.

This photo session was a fine art photographer for Mark Taylor (Mark Taylor) from Guildford, who was trying to distract the kittens and puppies, so they do not gnaw props.

Companies producing postcards, business cards, and calendars from around the world use the services of Taylor because he is a follower of the famous photographer Jane Burton (Jane Burton), his mother, who passed away in 2007.

Mr. Taylor said that growing up in Surrey, constantly being surrounded by a very unusual animals photographed by his mother.

Now, 48-year-old Mark Taylor and his father Kim Telor (Kim Taylor), opened in Guildford firm "Warren Photographic", continued the labor of love of his mother.

Photographer talked a little bit about his childhood: "When I was little, in our family had hand fox, badger, iguanas and even a crocodile species Cayman. Children who lived in the area, liked to come to our house because it was like a zoo."

"At first I was not very keen on photography. During a trip to Kenya, my sister and I spent hours in the back of the Land Rover, while the mother with a camera in hand waiting for the appearance of a lion or any other wild animal."

"Seriously, I started photographing about 15 years ago in Canada, after the mother asked me to take some pictures with the local landscape for her."

"The Canadian landscape on the stunning west coast, and from there, perhaps it all started. Photograph funny animals - is now an honor for me. I am proud to continue the work of his mother."

Mark noted that during the photo session, Santa hats and bright Christmas decorations were very difficult to use for its intended purpose, as a "model" at all times tried to taste them.

"But, fortunately, I have experienced assistant Britt, which distracts the animals, allowing me to photograph them in the right perspective."

Original in (English.) Translation: M. Potter

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