Revealed the secret of coral fish


The last few years, scientists from the universities of Noyeshatel (Switzerland) and Kvinzlend (Australia) involved the disclosure of mysteries little creature Labroides dimidiatus - the so-called cleaner wrasse with a blue stripe. This species of fish maintain the purity of large marine predators, and they are in gratitude to protect small fish and not eat it.

Habitat wrasse, cleaners with a blue stripe are tropical coral reefs. Appearing on the light, females form small groups in which prevails a single male. In the event of his death dominant female takes this place, thus exhibiting signs of hermaphrodite. Gubanchikov small size (less than 4 inches) enables them to easily wade into the throat or moray eels and sharks out there to perform massage and cleansing of the oral cavity, as well as to eliminate parasites and algae growing on the outside.

Wrasses move jerkily, because they are easy to learn. The cleaning process of local predatory fish and sailing especially on the "procedure" is for special treatment plants. There they find a suitable position and solidify with his mouth open until the end sanitation are major parts of the body. Especially finicky predators aliens requiring that while cleaning them in any case did not bite. After all, some females can not resist a slice of fragrant mucus from the surface of a large fish, for which he obtained a disciplinary punishment from their male. Customers should always be happy - so talk males, while food and the employees will always be!

Yourself to get rid of parasites larger fish can not, so they are very grateful for such a small kin work. Especially wrasses, stroking fins customers make the last to relax and feel comfortable.

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