The strongest bite in perani


Scientists have found what animals bite, or rather bite stronger than all. Among all known vertebrate champions in force clamping jaws relative to its own mass fossils were megapirani Megapiranha paranensis.

To such conclusion experts have come by measuring the bite force Serrasalmus rhombeus - living nowadays ancient relatives of piranhas. The researchers studied 15 black piranha. The strength of the bite of fish weighing 1.1 kg was found to be 320 Newtons. Thus, the strength of the piranha bite than her body weight by almost 30 times.

Having studied and compared the skeletons of ancient and modern species of piranhas, the scientists were able to simulate the bite of an extinct megapirany Megapiranha paranensis. If the results of computer simulations are correct, these fish are able to bite with a force of up to 4749 Newtons, it is easy to stay in the jaws of an object weighing 480 kg. So you can understand how big this figure, we present for comparison tyrannosaur. Ancient piranha bite force is only three times smaller than those of dinosaurs, but we must take into account that fish weighs less than 100 times a lizard.

In addition to being a piranha has a record of vertebrate animals bite force, they still had serreytornuyu "sharpening" of the teeth with thick cylindrical roots, making it easy to break apart the armor lived with them in the same ecosystem, scaly catfish and tortoise shells.

It should be noted that recently the fish often become objects of scientific discoveries. So, earlier paleontologists have come to the conclusion that for the first time have real teeth in armored fishes. It was discovered as a result of the tomographic study of their jaws.

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