A new theory of a living cell


Scientists from the University Bill Martna Dusseldorf and Neil Lane of University College London, offered an interesting theory of living cells with a variety of bio-energy properties. In their view, the emergence of life is a by-product of the reaction energy development.

The first proto needed a huge amount of energy for metabolism and replication because the enzymes that catalyze this specific reaction, appeared later. Chances are, most of the energy not used protocell and simply dissipated.

In the course of his research, Bill Martin and Nick Lane tried to figure out how protocells able to use the energy to sustain their lives. They also considered the question of where this energy came from and why it is accumulated by living cells. As explained scientists biochemical processes take place in cells closed "compartments." The presence of the membrane is one of the key factors that enabled protocells in the course of evolution to become a full-fledged living cells.

Living cells are stored in the received power at its respiratory membranes in the form of ion gradients. This fact also is peculiar to them, as the genetic code. During his studies Lane and Martin showed that the carbon and energy metabolism of the bacteria growing on carbon dioxide and hydrogen are very similar to the chemistry of processes which occur in deep-sea thermal vents.

Realized measuring researchers proved that the natural proton gradient, through the thin wall of the sulfur and iron, can provide the assimilation of organic carbon. The result could be formed proto initially deprived of their own skins and living in the stone cells. Minerals, according to scientists, acted as a catalyst for the ancient metabolism. After a while, got his own proto-membrane and left the stone shelter.

Thus, scientists have for the first time were able to trace the entire path leading from the rocks, carbon dioxide and water in the formation of today’s living cells.

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