In Japan, the first videotaped the giant squid in the depths of the ocean


The film crew of Japanese television NHK together with the crew of TV channel Discovery Channel were the first to videotape gigantic squid swimming in its natural habitat in the depths of the ocean, according to Japanese media.

During the expedition, organized in order to find the habitat of one of the most mysterious inhabitants of the deep Pacific Ocean between Japan and the U.S. group was Titidzima the islands, which are a thousand kilometers south of Tokyo, capital of Japan. Support in the journey also helped the National Museum of Science and the Environment, Japan.

The shooting, which experts call the unique carried out using a highly sensitive video equipment at a depth of 630 meters. Experts note that the length of the detected named individuals reached about three feet long and had tentacles. The shorter tentacles of the squid used to hold their prey - other squid, served as a decoy. The footage can be seen from the depth of the huge animal’s eyes, and a number of suckers, with a diameter of about five centimeters.

Giant squid or arhiteutis in length can reach up to 18 meters. A similar suggestion was made by scientists after being on the coast of New Zealand in the late 18th century discovered the giant squid length of 17.4 meters, including 12 meters was the mantle of sea animal. Scientists estimate that the weight of the squid can reach a ton. Above all, it is believed that many mythical monsters arhiteutis it became the "ancestor". The giant squid is a particularly key character in the famous novel by Peter Benchley’s "tentacles".

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