Jays are capable of sensing the intentions of others


Recently, there are increasing data showing that simulate the mental state of others capable of not only people, but also many animals, such as dogs, chimps, and now the corvids. The fact that the latter are also able to feel the intentions of others, proved jays. Experiments with these birds showed that they perepryatyvayut food when they see that they are being watched jay-competitor or suspect that they may have seen or overheard.

However, this theory is not accepted by specialists from the University of Groningen. According to them, the bird flies around and shift the stocks do not because thieves plans unraveled jays competitors, but simply due to stress. Experiments with the virtual model of jays confirmed their hypothesis.

"Stress" version, in turn, did not work for the Cambridge scientists, and they decided to double-check it, but with live birds. They replicated the experiment in which Jay hid food in the special box. If for its manipulation watched another bird, the jay often shift their reserves to other caches. The problem was to test whether the presence of a number of potential thief cause stress. To understand this, zoologists had a similar experience, but without a clear competitor for food.

First, the researchers showed Jays boxes, caches, but did not give nuts. Then the birds provided nuts and new hiding places, but after the Smartest bird hidden treats, caches robbed. Thereafter Jays again gave a feast, and three sets of caches: the new ones that have not seen a bird, the old, which she showed at the beginning of the experiment, and the old, who have been robbed.

It turned out that the fact of theft on the behavior of jays had no effect. They are equally treat perepryatyvali between new and old caches, regardless of whether they were invaded by thieves or not. Scientists believe that if the stress had an effect on the behavior of jays, after the theft, they would be more nervous and active perepryatyvali treats. The authors of the note that the Jays have a good memory, so that they are well remembered in the hidden recesses of which nuts to theft.

Thus, scientists have shown that birds are not bothered by the fact of theft and dishonest intentions of another individual, so they perepryatyvayut nuts, not because of stress, but because the divine thoughts rivals.

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