Animals are able to dream


Until recently, it was assumed that the life of animals is only a series of instincts and reflexes. And the ability to dream, which belongs to the realm of consciousness, has been recognized only human privilege. However, scientists were able to prove not only the existence of dreams in the animals, but also their content.

The scientists recorded the brain activity of rats to implant electrodes in the brain of rodents, which is responsible for memory, mood and ability to spatial orientation. Experts have observed so for sleeping with rats running around and through the maze in search of food.

Almost half of the data received from sleeping animals was found to be similar to those researchers recorded during their waking hours. Then the scientists inadvertently drew an analogy with the person experiencing the dream during REM sleep, which is accompanied by increased blood pressure, increased physical activity and rapid breathing.

Similar studies carried out by biologists as an example of songbirds have shown that striped finches "lose" in a dream arias, performed by them during the day. All these data suggest that animals actually have dreams that reflect their real-life experiences, and, like humans, all the better to perform daily tasks if "rehearse" their dream.

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