Crabs confirmed the ability of crustaceans feel pain


The results of research scientists from the School of Biological Sciences at Queen’s University in Belfast were unexpected and probably in the future will play a role in the volumes of natural shellfish. The main objective of the study was to determine the possibility of scientists testing crabs pain. For this type of shore crab Carcinus maenas have been a team of scientists led by Professor Bob Elwood (Bob Elwood) to an electric current, in order to evaluate the behavior of crustaceans after overcoming the energy shock.

Especially for this purpose were selected 90 individuals. They were placed in a special tank made so that there were two shelters in which both hiding test. After certain time intervals at one of the terminals served shelters discharge electric current. Then, for a brief respite, crabs moved to another tank. After some time the crabs were returned to the tank for experiments crustaceans as shocked and has not been subjected to an electric current again climb into the same shelter.

Then, received the first discharge current group of individuals that received repeated discharge. And that was enough for the crabs for subsequent dives of this group is no longer trying to hide in a precarious shelter.

In the words of Professor Elwood, the study was designed and planned so as to be able to discern where the pain is, and where the reflex response of the body, known as nociception. As explained by scientists, stimulates the sensation of pain to avoid shellfish source of pain in the future, and nociception exposes the body to overcome momentary annoyance, and usually do not have on the behavior of a long-term effect. "

In nature, crabs C. maenas are nocturnal and hide during the day in the rocks in the dark places. Submission of an electrical discharge caused subjects crustaceans not only to part with vending place day stay, but indefitsirovat it as a danger and carefully to avoid it. The same way as biologists believe, but if you experience this pain crabs are able to take such a step, leaving the favorite habitat and not "pry", where it should not.

In an article published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, scientists urge

attentive to live crustaceans as they are not protected from human activity and the reason for that was still the belief that marine organisms are not able to feel pain. "

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