Butterfly, which is able to speak


Science knows more than 1 million different species of insects. About 10 thousand of them are able to produce certain sounds, but they do not vocal apparatus as animals and rubbing each other the different parts of the body. The fact that insects do not have the organs of speech, with the exception of one butterfly with an interesting name hornworm Totenkopf.

If it is disturbed, it is not silent, like all the other insects and squeaks loudly than usual scare her violators of peace. In this unusual butterflies sip a special organ "speech." On the inner surface of the lip located hawk chitin film, which when entering the esophagus air vibrates. And the sound is produced by a death’s head, so loud that it is very similar to a scream.

Inhabits this butterfly across Europe, where summer arrives in Africa to leave offspring. Most often, these insects can be seen near the potato fields, because the hawk caterpillars love to feast on the plants of the nightshade family.

The size of butterflies is 4,6-6 cm, and the scope of their wings can reach 12 cm in contrast to other hawk moths, which has a very short proboscis, does not sit down at the flowers, but prefers to feast on Medcom directly in beehives. Name Totenkopf this insect has received because of the pattern on the chest, like a human skull.

It should be noted that the butterfly does not use a lot of love for people, as many consider it to loud cheers as a bad omen.

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