Revealed the secret movements of living organisms


Scientists from the Indian Institute of Fundamental Research claim that they were able to solve the mystery of the movement of all living organisms. According to the researchers, all of a movement, that flap fly or attempt to track down a person obsessive insect eyes and slam it controls only one protein - dynein.

The most interesting thing is that by itself this important protein - a very poor and inefficient engine, but the nature of the function entrusted him with immense power generation in various biological processes. For a long time scientists could not solve the riddle of why nature has made seemingly illogical choice: it could be entrusted with such an important responsibility not to faint dynein, and on some more powerful and efficient analogue thereof, for example, kinesin.

Indian scientists conducted an experiment to study the principles of operation of dynein. They sent a laser beam on a tiny patch of a living cell. The researchers observed how the molecules of dynein tried to pull out of the laser trap particles of cells trapped in the beam.

It was found that in a group of dyneins load is evenly distributed: each protein molecule pulls stronger or weaker depending on the load. Dyneins company operates as a kind of "transmission", generating a large force at very low consumption of energy. But strong kneziny not able to coordinate their efforts, which is why when working together they generate much less power than a weaker one by one, but strong group of dynein molecules.

This discovery of Indian scientists that reveals one of the major mysteries of muscle function, will come in handy when developing their artificial counterparts.

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