Extend human life to 500 years to help genes snails


Snails have an uncanny ability to slow down the aging process during hibernation. Researchers in Australia want to find the genes that control this process, hoping that in the future this will prolong the life of the people. According to molecular biologist at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Scott Cummins, some snails may increase due to dormant life expectancy from 3 to 23 years. If the transfer is to a person’s age, the duration of his life would grow from 70 to 500. At the moment, Dr. Cummins is committed to trying to identify the best genes and neuro-hormones that cause a dormant snails, also known as drowsy in the hot summer periods (when the temperature reaches its maximum, the snail just a few months immersed in slumber). Experts explained that a person’s genes are similar to genes snails by almost 50%. Therefore, experts suggest that the human body can also be present "genes hibernation." The discovery, scientists say, could in theory give the method, which slows down the aging process in humans.

Incredible protective properties of the organism snails do not cease to amaze researchers. For instance in the earlier study it was found that 15% of the birds had eaten snails survive the digestion process, after having been found alive in poultry droppings. This acknowledgment leads scientists to believe that birds are probably the key factor in the spread snail populations.

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