Scientists: squid can fly


Scientists in Japan have found that squid, jumping out of the water, able to cover a distance of 30 meters. A team of researchers from the University of Hokkaido was able to capture this discovery in the photo, as reported by local media.

Confirming the discovery of photos were taken in the Pacific Ocean about 600 kilometers east of the capital of the state. They clearly show a marine cephalopods, jumping out of the water, cover the distance that is several times greater than their length.

"In the scientific community previously unconfirmed reports it was known that if a squid have that ability, but we have extracted the first documentary evidence of this fact," - said by Jun Yamamoto, head of the research group.

For the required speed, cephalopods collect water into the mantle cavity, then throwing her strength.

Such behavior of the squid, according to Japanese scientists can hunt them seabirds, as cephalopods are quite common in the stomachs of birds.

More detailed results of the study are presented scientific journal "Marine Biology".

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