Off the coast of New Zealand have discovered a new species of marine animals


Scientists have discovered a new species of fish in the waters of New Zealand near the Kermadec Islands at a depth of over 9,000 meters.

They also recorded a new record depth of habitat grenadier and moray eels - some of the most common species of marine animals.

The depth of water in which the study was conducted specialists Oceanic Laboratory of the University of Aberdeen, is so great that it exceeds the height of Mount Everest.

Researchers have thrown more than 50 fishing nets over the past 14 months, to a depth of about 9900 meters, which is more than 1052 meters of Mount Everest, which reaches a height of 8848 meters.

Dr. Alan Jameson (Alan Jamieson), the expedition leader, said the following: "It’s always nice to discover new species of marine life, and the discovery, in particular, a new species of eel - is a huge success."

In connection with living at such depths researchers discovered the fish are blind.

"Since chubby, acne and grenadier no optic nerves, they are completely blind," - said Dr. Jameson.

Total expedition researchers were able to make more than 6,500 photos of a new species of fish and fish out of about 100 individuals.

All samples shall be deposited in the Museum of New Zealand, and will complement the national collection of fish.

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