A new kind of owls have found on unusual cries


A new endemic species of owls that live on the island of Lombok in Indonesia, was first described by ornithologists, who were attracted unusual attention to the cries of territorial birds. Summary of the work of scientists, published in the journal PLoS ONE, reports BBC News.

Called rindzhanskaya scoop view Otus jolandae, discovered almost simultaneously two independent ornithologist. George Sangster, a researcher from the University of Stockholm, together with Ben King of the American Museum of Natural History in New York have noticed unusual birds in 2003. However, belonging to a new species they managed to fix just now.

Owls Otus jolandae looks very similar to a scoop of another species - Otus magicus. The main difference to which ornithologists have noticed, have become territorial cries serving male birds to refer to its dominance in a particular area of the forest. Scientists using the playback of recorded screams found several new species, which are interested in the emergence of an unexpected "opponent" - tape recorder.

Comparing the details of anatomy owl Otus jolandae with other species of the same genus, the authors found that rindzhanskaya scoop actually belongs to a particular species.

Recently in Kenya, biologists have discovered a new monkey species, taxonomic independence of the animal, as in the case with owls, it was found only a few years after opening. Scientists came across monkeys Cercopithecus lomamiensis only in 2007, although they have long been known to locals.

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