Antidepressants do perches aggressive


Biologists have found that antidepressants that fall from the waste water in lakes and rivers, changing significantly the behavior of their inhabitants - snappers begin to behave under the influence of these substances antisocial and aggressive.

Detail its findings with the Swedish ecologists from the University of Umea published in the latest issue of Science.

Earlier studies have shown that contained in oral contraceptives estrogen become a cause physiological changes in male fish. The consequences of falling into the water antidepressants remain unexplored to date. This question of the authors decided to clarify the example of the drug oxazepam.

Oxazepam molecules used for the treatment of neuroses, insomnia and chemically stable, so wastewater found in high concentration, from then leak into the river. Scientists have found that, for example, in the river Firis, on the banks of which the city of Uppsala, per liter contains 0.58 micrograms of oxazepam.

This drug researchers added in aquariums with perch and watch for changes in their behavior. It was found that when the concentration of oxazepam was exceeded by a factor of 2 than in the river Firis, perches became less cautious, more often roamed in search of food, bolder heat on unfamiliar territory.

Fish that were under the influence of an antidepressant, which normally were gregarious, constantly trying to break away, trying to swim away from the group. "We have witnessed a strong modification of behavior bass even at low concentrations. Meanwhile, if the concentrations are even lower, the effect will be the same, "- said one of the authors of the article, Thomas Brodin.

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