Chimpanzee with a human face


Professional photographer of nature created a gallery of pictures which depict the chimpanzee, expressing different kinds of emotions.

Gayard Gabi (Gabi Guiard) has organized an interesting photo session with the participation of the animals during a visit to the nursery Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kenya - photos came out amazing.

Persons chimpanzee photographed close-up, express emotions familiar to the man, cry, angry, calm, contemplation, etc.

Feelings of animals clearly expressed their deep brown eyes and the folds of wrinkles.

Gaby, which spent nearly two hours in which to capture the various expressions of the eight chimpanzees noted the following: "I love the outdoors and learn the secrets of the animal world."

"I’ve always felt very lucky to observe the behavior of the animals."

"By the end of the day we all become a bit like animals. And when I look at these photos, I realize that the gestures, emotions and relationships of animals in some way resemble ours. "

"I would like to capture all these emotions. This activity captures and inspires me. "

Original in (English language): Translation: M. Potter

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