Giant nests on telephone poles in the Kalahari Desert


In the scorching desert almost no trees, in the shadow of which could shelter from the scorching sun. But that does not stop finch build huge nests in which they live swarms.

Facilities impressive dimensions that are on the telephone poles in the arid areas of South America - the Kalahari Desert, the little birdies are built of grass and twigs. They can weigh about one ton.

Photographer Dillon Marsh (Dillon Marsh) decided to make a photo essay about the life of the hard-working bird, halting their attention to how they manage to build such a remarkable dwelling in the countryside, where there is almost no vegetation, using as a "foundation" telephone poles.

Nests impress with their complex structure: they include many "rooms" designed to shelter at different times of day. So, from the midday bird hide in little rooms front and keep warm at night in the "quarters", located deep in the slot.

From the side of the nest more resemble the shape of beehives with a lot of individual inputs width of 7 cm and a height of about 25 cm sharp sticks sticking out of the nests, protect them from predators. Snakes, especially cobras yellow - the most common predators, they prey on birds’ eggs, which are stored in a room.

Each room is one pair of birds and their offspring. Just a nest can live more than 100 birds. The service life of huge nests can be one hundred years old.

Dwelling birds, built on electric poles, sometimes become the cause of a short circuit in the rain and ignite in the hot season. In the Kalahari Desert birds feed on insects - this is their only source of water in the area. They also eat seeds and other plant foods.

Original in (English language): Translation: M. Potter

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