In Lake Tahoe found fish-monster


A new species of lake monster has been found in the depths of Lake Tahoe. Researchers at the time of the trawl to identify invasive species in the pond of fish caught in the network of giant goldfish length of almost 45 inches and weighs about 2 pounds.

"We found a wonderful area, inhabited by 15 goldfish" - said the researcher environment Syudip Chandra (Sudeep Chandra) from the University of Nevada at Reno (University of Nevada) agency LiveScience. "This indicates that they are actively spawning in a certain time." Some fish that might have been thrown into the lake of some aquarium owners, can cause changes in the ecosystem of Lake Tahoe. "

It is not yet clear what (adults or fry) the giant fish caught in the lake, explained Syudip Chandra. But even as the tiny creatures, they can have a huge impact on its ecosystem.

Goldfish is just one of the invasive species in Lake Tahoe. "Invasiveness - is the result of the extermination of the indigenous species," - explained Chandra. Moreover invasive fish secrete substances that contribute to algal blooms, and this is a threat of contamination of clean water of Lake Tahoe, the researchers noted in the conclusion.

Original in (English language) Translation: M. Potter

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