Caecilians exhibit a kind of care for offspring


American and British zoologists have discovered a new type of caecilians that feed their pups own skin. In appearance caecilians (as the name implies) most resemble ordinary worms, although in fact it amphibians, but like worms, they spend all his life underground.

Because of its "dark" existence caecilians have almost completely lost the eyes, and find prey by smell. By the way, the inhabitants of these dungeons are hunting all on the same worms, but unlike their harmless "twins" caecilians have sharp teeth and a pretty big mouth.

Caecilians are the main habitat of the tropics, these creatures do not necessarily need to be a body of water - as long as the soil is moist. And the water to lay their eggs is not required, as these amphibians cost generated for the purpose of mucus that covers and eggs.

But caecilians most surprising feature is that some kind of these animals (namely, four of them) can offspring to suckle their own skin. In particular, the recent "open" caecilians Microcaecilia dermatophaga by the time the offspring will carry the extra layer of skin with a high content of fat.

Studies have shown that this is no ordinary nutritious mucus which caecilians envelop their eggs, and a full skin, and newborn individuals caecilians scraped off its special "float." It is likely that many more species of caecilians so show care for the offspring, but because of the difficulty of their observations in nature, this fact is quite difficult.

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