Support of the fans significantly increases the chances of success of the team


Alien example is contagious. If you see someone yawn, or smile, and will not pass a few seconds before you repeat the same thing. As it turned out, the same happens on the football field. "The more intense one is happy his team’s success, the more chances to win," - said Dr. Gert-Jan Pepping, a sports scientist and lecturer at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

From the point of view of evolution, "contagious" behavior is easily explained. The ability to copy a specific behavior, is important for survival in social groups. "A good example is a school of fish, such as herring or sardines. Due to the fact that they synchronize their movements, that is, at the same time doing the same thing, their chances of survival are increased," - said the Pepping. Also, copying serves another important purpose: learning from each other. This means that we are dealing with individuals and groups through movement. Thus, the support of the fans - it’s a form of communication.

Emotions often are an expression of our feelings on just what happened. But emotions can influence the future, the study Pepping. His research team wondered whether the level of expression of joy after successful penalty influenced the outcome of the penalty shootout. "For the purposes of our study, a series of penalties is the best fit, because the goal kicker (a goal), to coincide with the group (to win the match)," - said the Pepping.

Positive attitude

Pepping and colleagues (Moll, Dzhordet and Pepping) have studied a lot of penalties major football matches, but only as long as the score remained a draw. After each attempt to score a goal, they assessed the reaction of a player on such parameters as the expression of joy and pride after a goal is scored. The study found that those players who clearly expressed their joy, for example, throwing up his hands, usually belonged to the winning team. "This enthusiasm has infected the whole team a positive attitude. Equally important, the opposing team was starting to feel a little uncomfortable." In this study, the effect manifested itself in the fact that when someone is happy goal up both hands in the air, the likelihood that opponents will miss when in turn will have a penalty was increased by half.

It is important that you are happy after scoring in conjunction with those whom you want to infect. Pepping, "If you express your joy with his face to your fans, it will cause them a great surge of enthusiasm. This is certainly good, but they will be performing on the field, and your teammates. It is important to celebrate together - it makes a goal contagious. "

Motivate each other

The same principle applies outside the playground. Even in the office, you can motivate each other by coming together to celebrate a well-executed project staff. In the process, the group will share a sense of confidence and pride in the result achieved by increasing the overall productivity of the group. But, as noted by Pepping, it is important not to exaggerate the expression of joy and pride.

In some countries, decided to express their joy, more rapidly than in others. "In the Netherlands, people seem to have forgotten what a riotous joy." Pepping notice that if you want to increase your chances of success, both in sports and in everyday life, it is important to be able to "go off the brakes." Rejoice in victory - a natural reaction. Moreover, as shown by this study, this reaction may be advantageous. The more we enjoy - become more successful. Hot news, science and technology, the only first-hand.


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